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Full text of "Songs of Zion : for the use of the children of the Kingdom"

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An Eider in the Church of Jesus Christ of Utter Day Saints, 

Printed at the Herald Office, Plano, III. 


; upb 





1 We thank thee, our Father in heaven, 

For the promise revealed in thy word ; 
That to all who obey thee is giv.en, 

The Spirit of Jesus, our Lord; 

We rejoice that thou now art so willing, 
The gifts of the gospel to send, 

Thy word thou art ever fulfilling, 

To all who thy precepts attend. 

2 We praise thee for blessed assurance, 

That no one shall fail to receive ; 

Who will ask thee in humble reliance, 

And who on thy promise believe; 

For thou art more kind to thy children, 
Than parents can be to their seed, 

And none would give stones to afflict them 
Instead of the bread that they need. 

3 Thy Spirit, O Lord, we are needing, 

The gifts that it brings we desire; 

We daily would follow its leading, 

Thy Spirit our souls now inspire; 

Thy will we desire to be learning, 

O, help us thy will to obey; 

For thy spirit we ever are yearning, 

To keep us from going astray. 


Songs of Zion. 



1 Where is Zion? Who can tell it? 

And the home where Saints will dwell? 
Where the land the pure inherit? 

Where is Zion ? Who can tell ? 

Is it far beyond the sky-land ? 

Or a kingdom in the soul ? 

Is it some far distant island ? 

Or where wicked men control ? 

2 Where is Zion? Israel hear it: 

On this land it shall be found; 

God has spoken by his Spirit, 

Zion’s gates shall here abound ; 

’Tis within Missouri’s borders, 

That the city shall be made ; 

God has spoken, and his orders 
Must be honored and obeyed. 

3 He appointed Zion’s station, 

And her place can not be moved ; 

To it out of every nation, 

He will gather his beloved. 

Of his people, God desireth, 

That a temple they shall build ; 

Their salvation e’en requireth, 

That his purpose be fulfilled. 


Tune . — “Let us shake off the coals <£c.” 

1 Let us wake from our doubting and fearing, 
And drive all our cares from the mind ; 
For the day of redemption is nearing, 

And soon our salvation we’ll find. 

Songs of Zion. 


Then let us awake from our slumbers, 
And gird on the Spirit’s keen sword ; 
And lay off the weight that encumbers, 
And trust in the word of the Lord. 

2 The signs of the times do assure us, 

That soon our Redeemer will come; 
Then let not the vain world allure us, 
From the path of the upright to roam. 
The time is now past for vain scheming, 
Or trusting in man’s idle word ; 

Then let us awake from our dreaming, 
And trust in the word of the Lord. 

3 The Lord who has promised is willing, 

And is able to save to the end ; 

His word he is ever fulfilling, 

To those who his precepts attend ; 

He is true to his promise when given, 
And we can rely on his word ; 

To redeem us he cometh from heaven, 

O, trust in the word of the Lord. 

4 We thank thee, O God, for the gospel’s 

Glad tidings in these latter days; 

For prophets and inspired apostles, 

To guide us in wisdom’s pure ways; 

We thank thee for blessings now given, 
And rejoice in the news we have heard, 
Of the coming of angels from heaven, 

As revealed in the word of the Lord. 


Songs of Zion. 


Tune. — “i want to be an angel.” — 6s & 7s D. 

1 A church without apostles, 

Or prophets, or the gifts, 

Is like a ship at ocean, 

That with the current drifts. 
Without a chart or compass, 

Or rudder to direct, 

Soon on the shoals and breakers, 

She hopelessly is wrecked. 

2 Like buildings on the sand built, 

Uncertain, insecure, 

Which can but for a season 
The beating storms endure ; 

Or like a body human, 

With members all disjoined, 
Deprived of form and beauty, 

Its Author had designed. 

3 A church without communion, 

In Christ her living head, 

Is likened to a body, 

Without the Spirit — dead ; 

It cannot ask for wisdom, 

Or knowledge of his ways, 

If he revealeth nothing, 

In these the latter days. 

4 And if his professed disciples, 

The signs do not receive, 

What evidence have they that 
The gospel they believe ? 

If all these ancient landmarks 
Are lost or done away, 

Who then have testimony 
They’re in the narrow way? 

Songs of Zion. 



Tune. — “J n the sweet bye and bye.” 

P. M. 

1 O how sweet is the soul cheering thought, 

There is rest for the pure and the good ; 

‘Tis the rest that the Savior has bought, 

By the shedding of his precious blood. 

There'll be rest bye and bye , 

With the saints in their glorified home . 

2 He has gone, as he said, to prepare 

For the tempted, the tried, and the true, 

A mansipn more glorious and fair, 

Than the children of earth ever knew. 

3 Now we walk through a valley of tears, 

And our spirits are burdened and sad ; 

But the end of our pilgrimage nears, 

So we lift up our heads and are glad. 

4 Then our loved ones who’ve passed on before, 

We shall meet in the land of the blest, 

And our conflict with sin will be o’er, 

And soon in fair Zion we’ll rest. 


Tune . — Rest for the weary. 8s. & 7s. 

1 We are wandering here as strangers, 

And as exiles from our home, 

And beset with many dangers, 

While as pilgrim-like we roam. 

There is rest for the weary, 

There is rest for the weary, 


Songs of Zion. 

There is rest for the weary , 

There is rest for you: 

In the land where none are dying , 
Where no broken hearts are sighing, 
In our happy home in Zion , 

There is rest for you. 

2 Though the world may all forsake us, 

And may hate us and despise ; 

And although our faith may make us 
Look degraded in their eyes ; 

8 Though our friends may spurn us from them, 
Though our foes their anger show; 

We will pray the Lord, “Forgive them ; 

For they know not what they d*>.” 

4 But how little do they know us, 

And- still less our blessings prize; 

Yet our God and Father loves us. 

And we’re precious in his eyes. 

5 We are getting nearer, nearer, 

To our fair and happy home, 

And the way is growing clearer, 

Since the gospel light has come. 


Tune. — Home again. 

P. M. 

1 Amidst a scene of worldly strife, 
As pilgrims here we roan} ; 

And seeking for a land of rest, 
Our bright and happy home. 

Gome and reign, come and reign, 
King Messiah come ; 

Songs of Zion. 


For 0, our hearts are filled with joy, 

As we are nearing home. 

2 The land that we are longing for, 

Is beautiful and fair; 

And no unclean, unhallowed thing, 

Can ever enter there. 

8 No sorrows there disturb our peace, 

No angry discords rise, 

No cruel words shall rend our hearts, 

No tears shall dim our eyes. 

4 No nations then shall rush to war, 

Nor fill thb earth with slain; 

For Christ will rule as Prince of Peace — 
And will his right maintain. 

5 Awake, ye saints, awake, prepare, 

And gird your armor on ; 

Not many days of conflict ere 
Your arduous work is done. 


Tune. — C ome, come away. 

P. M. 

For Prayer Meetings. 

1 x\wake, saints, awake, 

No time now for reposing; 

The Lord is near, 

Breaks on the ear ; 

O come, come away. 

O come where Jesus’ love will be, 
Who says, “I meet w T ith two or three,” 
Sweet promise made to thee, 

O come, come away. 


Songs of Zion. 

2 And thus we do meet, 

As J esus has commanded ; 

To serve the Lord, 

With one accord ; 

O come, come away. 

For here we love the saints to greet, 
And round the social altar meet 
With those who bow at Jesus’ feet; 

O come, come away. 

3 Our cares we lay by, 

Nor think of worldly pleasures ; 

But filled with love 
To God above ; 

O come, come away. 

For when before the Lord we kneel, 
And pray his Spirit to reveal, 

We then his holy presence feel ; 

O come, come away. 

4 O come, come away, 

For Gentile times are closing ; 

The end is near, 

The judgment’s here; 

O come, come away. 

For Judah is returning home, 

And Israel from the north will come, 
And Ephraim will no longer roam ; 

O come, come away. 

5 O come, come away, 

From sin’s delusive pleasures. 

Accept the call, 

It is t# all ; 

O come, come away. 

O hearken to the glorious news, 
Accept the gospel’s precious truths, 

Songs of Zion. 


That saves the Gentiles and the Jews. 
O come, come away. 


Tune. — Lennox. 4-6s & 2-8a 
For Prayer Meetings. 

1 O Lord, to thee we come, 

Though sinful in thy sight ; 

Though oft from thee we roam, 

And grope in sin’s dark night; 

Thy pard’ning love, O Lord, reveal, 

May we thy holy presence feel. 

2 Our hearts with sadness fill, 

Unless we feel thee near; 

And darkness hovers, till 
Thou bid it disappear ; 

Lord, let us see thy light divine, 

Its glorious beams upon us shine. 

3 Thy blessing, Lord, we seek, 

Thy Spirit from above ; 

O that thou wouldest speak, 

Some cheering word of love ; 

So that our faith might strengthened be, 
Our hope be centered more in thee. 


C. M. 

For Prayer Meetings. 

1 Come, blessed Spirit, gift divine, 
Thou messenger of love ; 

We need thy light on us to seine, 
To lift our souls above; 


Songs of Zion. 

2 To lift our souls above the cares 
And troubles of this life ; 

Our feet are oft beset with 3nares, 

Our peace oft mixed with strife. 

8 Our Father, we are frail and weak, 

And often from thee stray ; 

But now we would thy favor seek, 

O cast us not away. 

4 Thy Spirit, Lord, we do desire, 

We need its cheering rays; 

O may it now our tongues inspire, 

With songs of joyful praise. 

5 Thy Spirit thou wilt sooner shed, 

Upon thy needy saints; 

Than parents would bestow their bread, 
To still their child’s complaints. 

6 Thy Spirit’s gifts, dear Lord, we crave, 

Withhold them not, we pray; 

We would thy cheering influence have, 
To help us on our way. 


Tune. — Waiting at the door. 

1 I am waiting, weary waiting, 

Like an exile for his home, 

For the glory of fair Zion, 

And her triumph sure to come. 

Long in bondage and oppression, 

Long despised and put to shame, 

And reproach has come upon her, 
Through the sins wrought in her name. 

Songs of Zion. 


I am watching for the signals , * 

I am waiting by the way , 

Waiting calmly for the coming 
Of the bright and heavenly day. 

2 But the pure alone are Zion ; 

They alone can hope to stand, 

In the hour of tribulation, 

That shall come on every hand ; 

For the righteous must be chastened, 
And be tried and purified ; 

And the cov’nants and commandments, 
And the word of G-od abide. 

3 Zion’s children shall be gathered, 

Zion’s light will surely come; 

And her glory and her beauty, 

Be the blessing of our home. 

Each shall plant his vine and fig-tree, 
And the fruit thereof partake ; 

And a cov’nant new with Israel, 

Will the God of heaven make. 

4 And the signs are that the coming 

Of redemption is at hand; 

Even now the pilgrims gather, 

In the borders of the land. 

Why then care we for the hatred 
Of the dark and crafty foe ; 

They who never knew the Master, 
Scarce would his disciples know. 


Songs of Zion. 


P. M 

1 Lift up your heads, ye heirs of glory, 

Cast aside your doubts and fears ; 

He who called you to his kingdom, 

Soon will reign a thousand years. 

A thousand years , children of Zion , 

The glorious day so long foretold ; 

’ Tis the mom of Zion's glory, 

Sung of by Saints in days of old. 

2 What if the hour of pain and sorrow 

Bring to your eyes most bitter tears ? 

God will wipe them from all faces, 

In that day of a thousand years. 

3 Signs of which there’s no mistaking, 

Tell that the day of glory nears, 

When Satan bound shall cease his conflict 
With Saints throughout a thousand years. 

4 The budding fig-tree tells that summer, 

With its rip’ning harvest nears; 

So the times as plainly teach us, 

The day’s at hand, — a thousond years. 

5 Come, Jesus, come, and reign victorious; 

Come with prophets, martyrs, seers ; 

Come and take us home to Zion ; 

Come and reign a thousand years. 

Songs of Zion. 



Tune. — Ring the hell , Watchman. 

P. M. 

1 Visions of beauty now burst on the sight, 
Visions of joy, in the pure world of light; 
Bright are the crowns that Messiah will bring, 
Soon we’ll hear the welcome tidings, “Behold 

our King.” 

Soon the King Cometh, sing , sing, sing ; 

Yes, sing the praise of our soon coming King ; 
Tell, tell the news; yes, the tidings now tell, 
Righteousness and truth prevaileth; all, all 
is well. 

2 Bright beams the future ; by faith we behold, 
Regions of bliss, as the prophets foretold ; 
Strong is our trust in the unfailing word, 

That the pure and holy ones shall soon see the 


3 Deep are the sorrows that sweep o’er the soul ; 
Wild is the storm, and the fierce billows roll ; 
Safe is our bark and securely we ride ; 

And we fear no evils as the Lord will provide. 

4 The night soon will pass ; yes, the long gloomy 


Morning appears, with its bright beaming light ; 
Glad is the heart, that while trusting the word, 
Hears the tidings, Jesus cometh, and the reward, 

5 Sound the glad tidings, let all the nations hear : 
Jesus will come, and His kingdom is near; 

Let all the earth now with loud praises ring, 
And each nation, tribe, and people, their tribute 



Songs of Zion. 


Tune. — The Rock that is higher than 1. 


1 How often I long for the day, 

When life’s weary march will be o’er; 
For often I faint by the way, 

While seeking the evergreen shore. 

0 then to my home let me go, 

Where the waters of life ever flow: 

0 yes , to my home let me go, 

To my fair Eden home lei me go. 

2 The clouds gather oft o’er my head, 

The sun oft refuses its light; 

My hopes oft seem withered and dead, 

My day is oft dark as the night. 

3 And oft as a stranger I roam, 

From kindred and friend^ that are dear; 
.1 long to be resting at home, 

Where banished will be every tear. 

4 O sometimes T long for the end 

Of this conflict with Satan and sin; 

O that Jesus the heavens would rend, 

His bright reign of glory begin. 

5 And often T think of the One, 

Who suffered for me on the cross ; 

The race then with patience I run, 

And count all life’s pleasures but dross. 

6 So onward my journey I haste, 

Nor care for the darts of the foe; 
No time in vain folly I’ll waste, 

O then to my home let me go. 

Songs of Zion. 



Tune. — Love at Home. 

P. M. 

1‘ In the land of fadeless joy, 

There we’ll rest, at home; 

Love and peace our time employ, 
When we rest at home. 

Then the toiler’s work is done, 
Then the Christian’s race is run, 
Then the vict’ry will be won, 
When we rest at home. 

Rest at home , rest at home ; 

Then the victory will be won , 
When ice rest at home. 

2 We will then from sin be free, 
When we rest at home ; 

Trials there no more we’ll see, 
When we rest at home. 

We shall then secure abide, 

Safe from harm at Jesus’ side, 
From the reach of sorrow’s tide, 
When we rest at home. 

8 On the earth we then shall reign, 
When we rest at home; 

And the throne of Jesus gain, 
When we rest at home. 

When his banner is unfurled, 

O’er the kingdoms of this world, 
$atan from his throne be hurled, 
Then we’ll rest at home. 

4 There the patriarchs we’ll meet, 
When we rest at home; • 

And the prophets too we’ll greet. 


Songs of Zion. 

When we rest at home. 

There we’ll meet the pure and good, 
Who life’s battle bravely stood, 

And redeemed by Jesus’ blood, 
When we rest at home. 

5 There our loved ones we shall see, 
When we rest at home; 

Never more we’ll parted be, 

When we rest at home. 

O, may Jesus quickly come, 

And the ransomed gathered home, 
Pilgrims then no more to roam, 
When we rest at home. 


Tune. — The happy time. 

1 O, we hail with joy the coming 

Of the long expected time, 

When the gospel of the kingdom 
Will be heard in every clime; 

As a witness to each nation, 

Of the coming of that day, 

That bringeth full salvation, 

To all who Christ obey. 

Lo , the angel bright has come, 

With the gospel from on high; 

Andj every nation , kindred , tongue 7 \ 

Shall hear it bye and bye. 

2 Yes, we hail the joyful tidings, 

That the gospel is restored ; 

With it the gifts and blessings 
As promised by the Lord. 

Songs of Zion. 


And he again has given, 

The priesthood as of old, 

And by his Holy Spirit, 

Eternal truths unfold. 

3 And the record hid for ages, 

In Cumorah’s ancient hill, 

Has now come forth in plainness, 
According to God’s will. 

’Tis Mormon’s sacred record, 

Hid by Moroni’s hand, 

’Tis a history of God’s people, 

On Joseph’s promised land. 

4 O, the happy day is coming, 

By prophets long foretold, 
When Zion all her glory 
And beauty will unfold ; 

When the Saints of by-gone ages, 
And all the faithful here, 

Will be gathered home to Zion, 
Eternal life to share. 


Tuke . — She sleeps in the valley. 

P. M. 

1 We wait for thy coming, O Lord ! 

The day that redemption will bring, 
When earth shall be ruled by thy word, 
And own thee Messiah and King. 
Though long as the empire of sin, 

Where the wicked the scepter do sway , 
And few of her children have been 
Willing thy commands to obey. 


Songs of Zion. 

We wait for thy coming, 

We wait for thy coming. 

We wait for thy coming, 0 Lord ! 

2 We wait for thy coming, O Lord ! 

When war and commotion shall end, 

And plowshares be made from the sword, 
And spears into pruning hooks bend; 
When tyrants no more rule the earth, 

And fill it with sorrow and woe, 

From Zion the law will go forth, 

And all their Redeemer shall know. 

3 We wait for thy coming, O Lord! 

When the care-worn pilgrim shall rest; 
When thou wilt deliv’rance afford, 

In the home of the ransomed and blest. 
There we’ll meet with the pure and the good, 
Whose garments are washed and made 

And clean in their Savior’s own blood. 

And who dwell in the mansions of light. 

4 We wait for thy coming, O Lord! 

Attended by ^angels of light, 

For then thou wilt bring our reward. 

The Kingdom and crowns ever bright. 
Our Savior we’ll see face to face, 

And friends who have passed on before, 
And all the redeemed of our race, 

We shall meet on the evergreen shore. 


S. M. 

For divine aid in preaching. 

1 Our Father, God, to thee, 

Songs of Zion 


We lift our hearts in prayer; 

That thou wouldst us thy children take, 
Into thy guardian care. 

2 We pray thy Spirit send, 

To guide our minds aright; 

And that our worship now may be, 
Well pleasing in thy sight, 

3 O give us ears to hear, 

And hearts to understand ; 

And give-us courage, Lord, to keep, 
Thine every wise command. 

4 Remember him who speaks, 

Thy Spirit, Lord, bestow; 

And from his lips may truth divine, 

By inspiration flow. 

5 Lord, teach him from on high; 

Thy word to all impart; 

And may thy word in power spoke, 

Be stamped upon each heart. 

6 Thy servants speak in vain 

Unless thou aid afford; 

Now may thy Spirit rest on all, 

Who speak and hear thy word. 

19 . BAPTISM. 

Tune. — Greenville. 

8s & 7s. 

1 By the water-side with gladness, 

Gather round to praise the Lord; 
Hearts relieved from pain and sadness, 
While we thus obey his word. 

2 Though this ord’nance full of meaning, 

Is by human hearts despised, 

Songs of Zion. 

And opposed by human scheming, 
By the Saints, ’tis justly prized. 

3 Here we follow Christ our Savior, 

Who obeyed his Father’s will; 
And we thus secure his favor, 
When we righteousness fulfill. 

4 Baptized for our sins’ remission, 

First repenting of the same ; 
Yielding thus in meek submission, 
To the power of Jesus’ name. 


8s & 7s D. 

1 Here is water, what doth hinder, 

Me from keeping God’s command? 
Thus the eunuch spake to Philip, 

Far away in Syria’s land. 

And the answer Philip gave him, 
That to his soul did joy impart; 
Was the law designed to save him, 
Believest thou with all thy heart ? 

2 “I believe in Christ the Savior, 

He is God’s beloved Son,” 

Said the eunuch, and God’s favor, 

He secured, as Christ had done. 

By obedience, (in immersion), 

To the ordinance of God ; 

And we thus in meek submission, 
Walk the path our Savior trod. 

3 For the plan of our salvation, 

As revealed thiough Jesus Christ; 
And the law to every nation, 

Is, “Repent and be baptized ;” 

Songs op Zion. 


As the fruit of faith in Jesus, 

And the kingdom of the Lord ; 

Of our sins will God forgive us, 
When we thus obey his word. 

4 If our Master did before us, 

Thus obey the gospel plan, 

And declare it thus “becomes us,” 
Shall we fear the scoffs of man ? 
What if men in wilful blindness, 
Should revile the ways of God : 

In remembrance of his kindness, 

We walk the path our Savior trod. 


Tune. — Hov) tedious and tasteless the hours. 


1 How pleasant and easy the plan, 

As taught by apostles of old, 

Designed for the saving of man, 

As the pages of scripture unfold ; 

So simple and easy the way, 

That no one need make a mistake; 

It is only believe and obey, 

And error and folly forsake. 

2 The plan that saved Peter and Paul, 

And all of the former day Saints, 

Is meant for salvatian to ail, 

And endeth all needless complaints; 
Believe on the name of the Lord, 

And the things of the kingdom of God ; 
And trust in the Savior’s blest word* 
xVnd tread in the pathway he trod. 


Songs -of Zion. 

3 Repent is the Savior’s command ; 

And turn from your follies away ; 

If you in the kingdom would stand, 
Then walk in the plain, narrow way ; 
Baptized you must be in the name 
Of Jesus, your Savior and Lord; 

Nor care for the trial and shame, 

You suffer because of his word. 

4 And then in the laying of hands, 

Is given the Spirit Divine, 

To those who have kept his'commands, 
And joins them to Jesus, the Vine; 
The spiritual gifts to enjoy, 

Is promised to all who believe ; 

And all who their talents employ, 

Shall more of these blelsings receive. 


P. M. 

For Sunday Schools. 

1 I love the pleasant valleys, 

I love the verdant hills; 

When walking by the sea side, 

My soul with pleasure thrills ;. 

I love the forest, still and grand; 

I love each blooming flower; 

I love the wide spread prairies too, 
And love to roam them o’er. 

2 I love the merry sunshine, 

I love the fre&h’ning rain, 

That cheers the fainting brooklet, 
And cools the parching plain ; 

Songs of Zion. 


I love the cheerful birds that sing, 
In sunshine and in shade; 

I love the rivers, lakes, and seas ; 

I love what God hath made. 

3 I love the precious Bible; 

I love a Saint to be; 

I love to think of Jesus, 

Who died for you and me; 

I love to think of Zion, 

The Saints’ secure abode; 

I love the many rays of light, 

That shine upon the road. 

4 I love to think that Jesus 

Again to earth will come, 

To gather all the faithful 
To their eternal home. 

I love the Church and kingdom, 
Of Jesus Christ the Lord, 

For there I learn the gospel, 

Our Savior’s blessed word. 

5 I love the pleasant school-room, 

Where happy children meet, 
And join their cheerful voices, 

In melody so sweet; 

' And then I Jove to sing and pray, 
And read God’s holy word, 

For it doth teach me of the way, 
To serve the blessed Lord. 

Songs of Zion. 

' 20 


Wdsh tune of “ The Spirit of God like a fire,'" dsc. 

1 O come, let us sing of the fair land of Zion, 

The sanctified home of the pure and the good ; 
Who trust in the Lord, and his promise rely on, 
Whose garments are cleansed in the Savior’s 
own blood. 

We'll sing and rejoice, for the hour is coming , 
When Zion in glory and beauty we'll see ; 

Her children , though now as lone exiles are roam- 

Ere long will return , and fair Zion be free. 

2 O, long have her sons and her daughters in sad- 


Been sighing and praying for her full release ; 
But soon will their sorrow give place unto glad- 

Ere long* the oppressor’s dread power will 

3 For Zion “Shall never be moved,” saith the 


Although her dear children be “scattered and 

Her redemption is promised, let all the world 
hear it, 

Her wounds, and afflictions, and sorrows be 

4 For the promise of God is sure and unfailing, 

The place of our Zion is fixed and secure; 
All efforts to change it will be unavailing, 

For Zion will yet be the home of the pure. 

Songs of Zion 


5 The temple of God shall be built where ap- 


And this generation will witness the same; 
And the servants of God by his power anointed, 
Shall do mighty works in the Savior’s dear 

6 O let not your minds from the truth be diverted, 

Nor doubt for a moment the word of the Lord ; 
But from all the errors of men be converted, 
And stand for the honor of God and his word. 


1 There is a land preparing 

For all the true and pure, 
There’s none with it comparing, 
Or like it can endure; 

There nothing base can enter, 

No sorrow there can come, 

But j »ys celestial center, 

In that eternal home. 

Home , beautiful home , 
Bright, beautiful home; 
Home , home of the ransomed, 
Bright, beautiful home. 

2 ’Tis not beyond the sky-land, 

Or bounds of time and space, 
Where neither low nor highland, 
Is found to mark the place; 
Though ’tis a land eternal, 

Most beautiful and fair, 

Whose glories are supernal, 
Which all the blessed share. 


Songs of Zion. 

8 ’Tis on this earth of ours, 

When freed from sin and woe, 
Will Christ his mighty powers, 
And blissful presence show; 
With Satan’s power ended, 

The wicked’s reign shall cease, 
And earth with heaven blended, 
Be harmony and peace. 

4 Here Christ will reign forever, 
Here fix his heavenly throne; 
And Satan’s rule will never 
On earth again be known ; 

And saints will find their heaven, 
On earth’s redeemed soil ; 

For then release is given 
From sorrow, care, and toil. 


Tune. — One by one the Saints are going. 

1 From the throne of light and glory 

Came an angel bright and fair ; 

Hear, O hear the pleasing story 
Of our heavenly Father’s care. 

Now the gospel trumpet's sounding, 
O'er the world both far and near ; 
Many hearts with joy are bounding , 
While its notes of peace they hear. 

2 Long the sons of men have wandered 

In the gloom of error’s night; 

For the gospel bonds were sundered, 
By the force of error’s might, 

Songs of Zion. 


3 For the gospel of the ancients, 

As by Paul and Peter taught, 

And the church of former day Saints, 
Through corruption came to naught. 

4 Creed, and dogma, and tradition, 

Ruled supreme the minds of men; 
Now has come a glad transition, 
Gospel light has come again. 

5 Now again does Christ commission 

Men to preach the truth in love; 
Gifts of healing, tongues, and vision, 
Come as blessings from above. 

6 And Apostles, Prophets, Teachers, 

Men inspired again behold ; 

Also Elders, Pastors, Preachers, 

As were in the church of old. 


Tune . — Over there. » 

1 “Come reign on my throne — evermore,” 

Will our Savior declare to his Saints, 

When they stand on the evergreen shore, 
Where ended will be their complaints — Ever 

2 We then shall rejoice — evermore, 

With the loved and the blest of the Lord, 
Who have suffered and passed on before, 
Through faith in the Savior’s blest word— 

3 We shall rest from our toil — evermore, 

And dwell in the mansions of light; 

Songs of Zion. 


When our trial and care will be o’er, 

And we’re clad in the garments of white — 

4 We’ll sing of our home— evermore, 

Of the glory of Zion’s fair king, 

Wno will reign on the earth evermore, 

And the earth with his praises will ring — 
Evermore. # 

5 The Saints will be rich — evermore, 

For the earth will be theirs to enjoy; 

From want they will suffer no more, 

And naught will them vex or annoy — Ever- 


1 Blessed assurance, Jesus will come, 

Angels attend him from their bright home; 
Joyful thh tidings cheering our hearts, 

Jesus is coming, sorrow departs. 

Jesus is coming , this is my song , 

Cheering the faint heart , all the day long. 

2 Jesus is coming, welcome the news, 

Hope of the Gentiles, hope of the Jews: 
Watching and waiting long we have been, 
Jesus, thy glorious reign to begin. 

8 Only as pilgrims, strangers we roam, 
Waiting to gather to Zion — our home; 

Poor and forsaken— hated by men, 

Looking for Jesus’ coming again. 

Songs of Zion 


4 Blessed assurance, Jesus our King, 

Rest and redemption to earth will bring; 
Trials be ended, glory begun, 

Conflicts be over, vict’ry be won. 



Tune. — We are coming blessed Jesus. 

1 We are coming in the morning 

Of our lives at Jesus’ call ; 

We have listened to his warning, 

At his feet we meekly fall; 

We are coming, blessed Jesus, 

With our hearts well filled with love; 
And we know thou wilt receive us, 

And approve us from above. 

We are coming , we are coming , 

Hope of Zion, one and all ; 

From all nations, we are corning, 

To obey our Savior's call . 

2 We are striving, we are striving, 

Each to walk in wisdom’s ways; 

We to God our hearts are giving, 

In our fresh and youthful days; 

For we know that we are sinful, 

And are prone to go astray; 

And that often we are willful; 

Keep, Lord, each one in thy way. 

3 We are coming, we are coming, 

To obtain a crown of life; 


Songs of Zion. 

Though the world our hope is shaming, 
Though we meet with rage and strife; 

But our Savior, long before us, 

Suffered for us grief and shame : 

Yet the world would fain allure us, 

To deny his precious name. 

4 We are willing, we are willing, 

To obey the Lord’s command ; 

For his love our hearts is filling, 

By his cause we mean to stand ; 

And we hope, ere long in Zi6n, 

To receive our promised rest ; 

For his word we can rely on, 

We shall dwell among the blest. 


Tune — “Whosoever Will, May Come.” G, H. & S. S. 

Hearken ev’ry nation, hear ye the news, 

Listen, O, ye "Gentiles, and also ye Jews; 

None of Adam’s race will God the Lord refuse, 
Who the gospel call obey. 

Chorus. — Shout the joyful sound, shout the joyful 

Send the blessed tidings all the world around, 

That the ancient gospel on the earth is found, 

And the gifts of God, abound . 

Long the blessed gospel* by the creeds of men 
Made of none effect, has now appeared again, 
And the grace of God, is offered now as then, 
Unto all who will obey. 

Songs of Zion. 


From the courts of glory came an angel bright, 
With the gospel message full of life and light, 
And the sons of men can flee from error’s night ; 
Who the gospel call obey. 

Whosoever willeth may now obey, 

E’en the gospel fulness, way to endless day; 
See the open door, now enter while you may ; 
And the gospel call obey. 


Tune . — Hold the fort . 

1 Ho ye weary, heavy laden, 

Tempted and distressed ; 

Soon will come the great Messiah, 

And will give you rest. 

Wake, behold the bridegroom cometli , 
Signs do now appear. 

Trim your lamps and keep them 'burning , 
Watching unto prayer. 

2 Signs on earth, and signs in heaven, 

Tell of judgment near; 

And the hearts of men are quaking, 
Failing them for fear. 

3 See the word of God fulfilling, 

Long ago foretold; 

How is preached the gospel tidings, 

As in days of old. 

4 Now the fulness of the gospel, 

Is again obeyed ; 

And the signs do surely follow, 

As the Savior said. 


Songs of Zion. 

5 Ho, then, comrades in the service, 

Of the blessed Lord, 

Soon he’ll come in clouds of heaven, 
Bringing your reward. 


1 I know not the day when my Savior will come, 

To reign with his Saints in their glorified 

But I know that no longer as pilgrims they’ll 

And they will be glorified then ; 

And they will be glorified then , 

Yes, they will be glorified then ; 

But I know that no longer as pilgrims they'll 
roam ; 

And thep will be glorified then. 

2 The eye hath not seen, nor hath the ear heard, 

The glory that waiteth the Saints of the Lord ; 
But I know that His promised in God’s holy 

And I may this glory behold. 

And I may this glory behold , 

Yes, I may this glory behold, dec. 

3 I know that the true and the tried and pure, 

Who trials of life in patience endure, 

Shall the bliss and the glory of Zion secure, 
And that is the glory for me. 

Yes, that is the glory for me, dec. 

4 I know not the hour when Christ will appear, 

To welcome his Saints as they meet in the air ; 

Songs of Zion, 


But I know that his kingdom is for them to 

And that will be glory for me, 

Yes , that will be glory for me, &c 


Tune. — There's a light in the valley. 

1 In the visions of the future I behold, 

Where the worn and the weary rest; 

What the prophets in the Scriptures do unfold, 
E’en the land of the pure and the blest; 

On the earth shall the righteous dwell in peace, 
And will hear their Savior say, “Reign with 

And partake with me of joys that never cease, 
There’s a rest that is waiting for me. 

There's a rest that is waiting, 

Thers' s a rest that is waiting, 

Ther's a rest that is waiting for me; 
And a kingdom I will share , 

With my Savior over there , 

There's a rest that is waiting for me. 

2 In the future’ world no sorrow will I know, 

And no fierce waves of trouble roll, 

And the evils I meet where’er I go, 

Never more shall arise against my soul; 
Even though as a pilgrim now I roam, 

Just before my heavenly home I can see; 
Then with eager feet I press toward my home, 
There’s a rest that is waiting for me. 

There's a rest, &c. 


Songs of Zion. 

3 For. the coming of Messiah draweth near, 
And ere long will the trumpet sound ; 

And the tokens of redemption now appear, 
In the heavens and the earth all around ; 
Even now are the people filled with fear, 
And they wonder what the end is to be, 
But with joy we know the Savior is so near, 
There 4 s a rest that is waiting for me. 

There's a resty dec. 


Tune. — Home of the soul. 

1 We will sing of the land, of the beautiful land, 

Where Saints evermore are at rest; 

And their .pilgrimage o’er, with rejoicing they 

In Zion, the home of the blest; 

In Zion, the home of the blest ; 

And their pilgrimage o’er, with rejoicing they 

In Zion, the home of the blest. 

2 Yes, that home of the Saints, is fair Eden re- 


And freed from the curse evermore ; 

When earth will be ruled by the word of the 

And her long night of sorrow be o y er. — Repeat. 

3 In the toil of the day, in the watch of the night 

We have waited and prayed for the hour, 
When Jesus would reign, for he holdeth the 


3 7 

And all shall acknowledge his power. — Re- 

4 And the children of God, who though humble 

and poor, 

And despised by the children of men ; 

Who if strong in their faith, and their trials 

Shall dwell with the glorified then. — Repeat. 

5 O the glory and bliss of that sanctified home, 

No tongue that is mortal can tell, 

O we long for that land, where no evil can come, 
Where none but the holy can dwell.— Repeat. 

8 We are weary of sin and of sorrow and care, 
And long for the rest that remains, 

When the pure and the good, shall, immortal 
and fair, 

Dwell in peace on the glorified plains. — Re- 


1 There is a cross for me, 

With fortitude to bear ; 

If I would ransomed, be 
From sin and worldly 'care ; 
There is, there is a cross for me, 
And there is one for thee. 

2 There is a crown for me, 

’Tis promised by the Lord ; 

To all who faithful be, 

In living by his word; 

There is, there is a crown for me, 
And there is one for thee. 


Songs of Zion. 

3 There is a task for me, 

In saving of the soul ; 

If I salvation see, 

I must my sins control; 

There is, there is a task for me, 
And there is one for thee. 

4 There is a hope for me, 

Of everlasting joy 
And immortality ; 

Which all the Saints enjoy; 
There is, there is this hope for me, 
And there is hope for thee. 

5 There is a home for me, 

Where all the righteous dwell; 
And glory crowned shall be 
Each mountain, plain and dell; 
There is, there is a home for me, 
And there is one for thee. 

6 There is a work for me, 

If I this crown obtain, 

If I this hope shall see, 

This blessed hope shall gain ; 
There is, there is work for thee. 
There is a hope for me. 


Tune . — Do they pray for me at home ? 

1 Will the Saints be gathered home ? 
Will their wand’rings soon be o’er? 
Will their Lord and Savior come ? 

Is his coming at the door ? 

Songs of Zion. 


Yes the time is near at hand, 

When the Saints will rest obtain ; 
When in Zion’s happy land, 

Shall their full salvation gain. 

2 And the Lord of light and truth, 

Will descend to earth again ; 

And his law will then go forth, 

Till all men his knowledge gain ; 
To him all will bow the knee, 

He will rule in righteousness, 

All will then his glory see, 

Filled with peace and happiness, 

3 O, we hail with joy the day, 

When our trials sore, will end ; 
For its coming oft we pray, 

May the Lord our cry attend ; 

We are weary of the strife. 

Of the cares and trials here; 

And the ills of human life, 

And the burdens hard to bear. 

4 But the time will shortly come, 

When our trials will be o’er; 

And the Saints be gathered home, 
To be parted never more; 

And in Zion they shall rest 
From their sorrows shall be free, 
And shall dwell where none molest, 
And in peace forever be. 

5 But the pure alone can stand, 

lu that land of light and love;< 
For it is an holy land 

Blest with glory from above; 


Song? of Zion 

O then let. us holy live, 

Pure in heart, In word, in deed, 
And. to God our service gj$e, 

We will then be blest indeed. 


Tune .— Bold 'he, fori. 


1 Pilgrims in this vale of sorrow 

Filled with anxious care; 

Yet with hope we look for Jesus, 
Rest with hiu& to share. 

Keep the faith , the Lord is coming., 

1 Hear the watchmen cry .* r 
Do not in the contest waver, 

Vi' tor g u n igh. 

2 Oft- the heart is- sad and weary. 

With the tail of life ; 

# Oft the way seems dark and dreary, 
Ahd with da..^ers rife, « 

i Though our trials may he many, 
,ln$ temptations strong ; ,• - 

: Y$ c#p by -Chrises missis ahce, 

*, v ercome i ?’he w rang.. 

$ J'es i»rf >V: It tyi u^suPdir, 

! v -' : . dtantvre can bear; 

T:vh§e w.ho dO'.u'ot. yield the bailie, 

. hhaiT ,iis glepy shave.;' Jy;’ '*> o